5 works with mixed media on canvas (24 x 30 cm)

It’s about the disappearing tradition of the storytellers of Jemaa El Fna.
The square that was proclaimed by UNESCO as a masterpeace of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity.

In the work the old days meet the present. 
A rich source for me was, beside my visit to Marrakech in 2014, the book 'The Last Storytellers' from David Hamilton.
Qoute from Hamilton: "storytellers providing a window onto the world, like an early form of news media".

The works is to be seen at the 6th Biennale of Marrakech (Februari 24 until May 8, 2016) on a outdoor location in the city of Marrakech. 
For the presentation the work is enlarged to a print on paper (approx. 167 x 200 cm).